Beginner’s Tips

  • In addition to mines, resources can be obtained when you attack nomad camps: See guide
  • When spying a new target, start off by sending one Beduin. If he survives, you can spy again sending more beduins to extract more information (always send multiples of 3: 1, 3, 6, 9, etc.). If your first Beduin perishes, then you should abort the plan, because won’t be able to spy at all (you’ll need to upgrade your Espionage research at that point).
  • At first you’ll need a lot more papyrus than any other resource, so upgrade your Papyrus Plantation often.
  • Upgrade your Serdab (hiding place for resources) as much as you can, at the beginning its capacity is very high and can protect a lot of your resources.
  • The best combination of troop for attack is Medjay (attack unit) + Ra Warrior (defense unit) in the amount of 10 to 1 (example: 1.000 Medjay + 100 Ra), until you get the Scorpion King.
  • Upgrade your Espionage research as soon and as often as you can. You will need it to unlock the simulator (Espionage level 15), which is incredibly useful; the sooner you unlock it the better.
  • Join a tribe as soon as posible, the protection and advice that you’ll get from belonging to a tribe is invaluable and will get you ahead in the long run.
  • If you want to join to the tribe, you must build a Kenbet to level 1, or level 3 if you want to found a tribe.
  • When you be in an a tribe, you can keep your armies with one player (Horus Fort). One great army is more powerful than several small ones (Bunker).
  • If you want to protect your resources, send troops to spy on the nomad camp (Only nomad camp lvl 1), when you are not sitting at the computer. Don’t keep resources or army unattended becouse you may become a target for others.
  • You can send ally units that are stationed at your place to attack. The damage taken will be spread evenly among all allies. Remember that resource looting is also shared between armies, so you should also send ally traders.
  • It is not possible to attack a player 5x weaker or stronger (points)
  • You can heal some of the killed units in the Imhotep Temple.
  • You can take 40% of all player or nomad resources. Zodiac research increases the amount of loot by 1% per level.
  • If you are attacked by a stronger player and all your units are destroyed, you will receive city protection for 12 hours.
  • Imhotep Temple should be upgraded minimum to level 10 (5%-10% recovery units), and even better up to level 20 (10%-20% recovery units)
  • At the beginning of the game, we don’t train Wabau or Sesh. We train only as much as is needed to complete the Rahotep missions (100 units). For the fight to be effective, you need to train 2xWabau and 2xSesh for 1xcombat unit. With a large army (80k-100k units) it is unprofitable (large consumption of wheat), so Wabau and the Sesh are best trained only when you have Scorpions.
  • The level of the wall is an individual matter for each player, some believe that it needs to be raised high, and others that it is not worth it. Remember that the wall can be destroyed during the attack (1 level per attack).
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