Founding a new city

To found a new city, we need to conduct appropriate research to unlock the Vizier and the Hatshepsut Palace building:


– Mummification Level 1

– Measurement Level 20

We only improve the Hatshepsut Palac in the main city, because building a Palace in another city will not allow us to establish a new city.
We need Lapis Lazuli to build and expand the Hatshepsut Palac, therefore better not to use Lapis in the Dendera Zodiac.
Place the first 2-3 cities next to each other. Another cities, if you intend to attack a lot, it is worth placing them near future targets (players).

In order to found a new city, we send 1 Vizier + 8 Babylonian Merchants
We take the raw materials with us: 25k Clay + 25k Granite + 25k Papyrus + 25k Wheat
If we have a upgrading Measurement, you can load more (with 10% it will be 26k, and with 20% – 27k)

After reaching the destination and establishing the city, we start the expansion:

Build Amun Temple lvl 1 – after building it, we start the Autumn Ritual.

Pyramid Of Cheops 1-5 lvl

Market 1-5 lvl

We improving all mines and wheat field until autumn season is activated (we should reach around level 7 of each mine)

After Autumn Activation:

Warehouse 1-10 lvl (about 600k capacity)

After reaching 5th level, send 100k of each resource.

We keep improving the mines.

Whenever possible, we turn on the Summer Ritual.

Send more resources and improve the mines.

After activating Summer:

Serdab 1-5 lvl

We continue to improve the mines up to level 20.

The next steps are up to us, I recommend upgrading the Warehouse to level 20 and the Serdab to level 15.
It is best to upgrade your resources to level 30, the Market and Sekhmet Temple to level 20.
We can put other buildings on lvl 1, we will upgrade them later, if necessary.

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