• If you want to join to the tribe, you must build a Kenbet to level 1, or level 3 if you want to found a tribe.
  • When you be in an a tribe, you can keep your armies with one player (Horus Fort). One great army is more powerful than several small ones (Bunker).
  • One player can have a maximum of 15 allied armies (If it has upgraded Kenbet).
  • You can send ally units that are stationed at your place to attack. The damage taken will be spread evenly among all allies. Remember that resource looting is also shared between armies, so you should also send ally traders.
  • As the founder of the tribe, you can manage it: set the description of the tribe, set the rank of each member, accept new members, disband the tribe or leave the tribe.
  • Any member of the tribe can write message on the tibe wall.

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