Babylonian Merchant

The Babylonian Merchant provides transportation services both for handling commercial transactions, and for carrying home the booty from plundering expeditions. His camels are well trained for carrying large and bulky items, but their travel speed is moderate due to frequent desert storms.
The Babylonian Merchant has a large stock of camels that are used to carrying goods from one place to another. Thanks to his many years of experience in transportation, the Babylon Merchant knows most of the trade routes that reach as far as Babylon. His animals have an excellent sense of orientation in the desert; they can sense danger long before it is too late, and many a time a caravan has been saved thanks to their warning of an upcoming storm or a nomadic raid. The services of the Babylonian Merchant are particularly recommended when you need to transport resources over long distance and in larger volumes.


– Barter level 10

– Market level 10

– Alchemy research reduces recruiting costs by 1% per level.

– Barter research increases loading capacity by 1% per level.

Training Costs Training Time Strenght Stamina Weakness Cargo Speed Rates
900 630 3.000 1 00:00:35 3 60 80% 12.000 300 7
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