Chariot warriors form one of the principal elite forces of the pharaoh’s army. All charioteers are experienced bowmen who fight on extremely light vehicles known for their high speed, mobility and strength that often decides the outcome of a battle.
Warriors fighting in chariots form an elite force of the pharaoh’s army. Chariots are made of bronze, leather and wood, which makes them extremely light and agile, and also quite fast, as they easily reach up to 40 km/h. The crew of the chariots consists of experienced archers equipped with longbows that allow them to shoot at long range. The military value of war chariots is significant, because the units and thus the archers can be regrouped very quickly. Due to these advantages, a tactically clever deployment of the charioteers can decide the outcome of a battle.


– Sekhmet Temple Level 18

– Horus Fort Level 6

– Glassmaking Level 1

– Espionage Level 20

– Alchemy research reduces recruiting costs by 1% per level.

– Barter research increases loading capacity by 1% per level.

Training Costs Training Time Strenght Stamina Weakness Cargo Speed Rates
38.000 25.000 82.000 1 00:39:00 2.000 3.000 45% 10.000 2.000 57
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