High Priest

The High Priest has two faces: he is both a servant of the gods, and a sorcerer. In the service of the pharaoh, he is known as the most formidable spy that ever existed, thanks to his ability to see things no one else can see. He uses his powers to inform the pharaoh about the opponent’s troops as soon as they leave their home town.
The High Priest is the highest-ranking priest and the supreme master of ceremonies. He is responsible for holding sacred ceremonies in the temples of his God, interpreting oracle sayings, as well as any other signs of divine will. This, however, is only a modest part of what a High Priest is capable of. Some people call him a sorcerer or seer, one who can invoke flooding or desert storms, command animals or even see hidden things. When employed in the service of the pharaoh, he informs his king about troop movements of other rulers, whenever those troops leave their home town and while continuing on the move. This kind of information is extremely valuable as it cannot be gathered by normal mortals. Keep in mind that once a High Priest has fulfilled his mission, he will not come back, thus for each espionage mission it is necessary to recruit another High Priest. You only receive the opponent’s activity report if the number of High Priests sent on the spy mission is greater than the number of High Priests in the opponent’s troop. If a High Priest (being defender) takes part in a battle and loses it, he joins the army of the winner.


Training Costs Training Time Strenght Stamina Weakness Cargo Speed Rates
2 3 3 1 00:50:00 5.000 10.000 10% 0 800 144
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