The Medjay are often referred to as desert policemen. They are known as the best archery units and extremely dangerous opponents. Being a part of the elite paramilitary forces, they report directly to the pharaoh, and guarantee his physical integrity and protection.
The Medjay are elite units who serve the pharaoh as a professional police force. They are said to be the best archers in the whole empire, which is one of the reasons why they are so much feared by their enemies. Though the Medjay are Nubian people and thus foreigners, they enjoy the full trust of the pharaoh, because everybody knows that once they take the oath of allegiance, they remain loyal to their pharaoh forever. In fact, the trust of the pharaoh is such that it is the Medjay who serve as the pharaoh’s personal protection troop. Being nomadic desert people, they know their way around the Great Desert, and also serve as scouts and caravan leaders.


– Sekhmet Temple Level 15

– Kenbet Level 8

– Hieroglyphics Level 20

– Treaties Level 15

– Espionage Level 15

– Alchemy research reduces recruiting costs by 1% per level.

Training Costs Training Time Strenght Stamina Weakness Cargo Speed Rates
250 1.250 5.500 1 00:05:10 1.800 500 50% 0 1.000 24
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