Neith Priestess

The Neith Priestess is an experienced fighter who serves the goddess Neith, a goddess of war and hunting, creation and life. When fighting, priestesses trained by Neith are said to apply a special tactic: they always strike first, in the attempt to wipe out the enemy’s supporting units. When a battle is lost, however, they join the enemy’s army.
Neith Priestesses serve the goddess of war and creation. Her name is Neith, but more often she is called the “Mistress of the Bow” or “the Terrifying One”. From generation to generation, young girls enter the service of the goddess Neith, where they are trained in the arts of dance and music in times of peace and in the arts of warfare in times of war. When fighting, they usually pursue a sophisticated tactic: their attack is directed exclusively against the opponent’s supporting units, who typically join the combat not before the last battle round. Thus, a battle can often be decided by the preventive strike of Neith Priestesses, since they destroy the opponent’s reserve at the very beginning of the battle. However, if they lose a battle (being defenders), Neith loses her priestesses to the victorious enemy, whose army they join upon the end of the battle.


Training Costs Training Time Strenght Stamina Weakness Cargo Speed Rates
3 2 1 1 00:10:00 1.500 4.500 10% 0 800 33
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