Nubian Trader

The Nubian Trader provides transportation services for commercial and military expeditions. His donkeys and oxcarts are the best choice for urgent and low-volume deliveries.
The Nubian Trader is well known for his reliability and high quality service in resource transportation. His focus is on short and mid-range distances, because the roads for such distances are quite good, which allows his donkeys and oxcarts travel fast, and deliver on time. Besides, whenever the pharaoh requires his services, Nubian Trader is always happy to oblige, and accompanies the pharaoh’s troops wherever needed.


– Barter level 1

– Market level 1

– Alchemy research reduces recruiting costs by 1% per level.

– Barter research increases loading capacity by 1% per level.

Training Costs Training Time Strenght Stamina Weakness Cargo Speed Rates
100 205 450 1 00:00:35 2 10 85% 2.000 1.000 2
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