The Vizier is the highest official of the royal court. In order to found a new settlement, it is required to send out a vizier so that he can personally supervise the founding process.
The Vizier is the highest official of the royal court, most important royal advisor, and simply the right hand of the pharaoh. Vizier’s duties encompass administering and supervising both civil and military areas, such as water supply in the country, palace administration, jurisdiction functions, and the like. Whenever new territories are conquered or new cities founded, it is his duty to travel to new settlements in order to personally supervise all activities on the spot. Sending along additional units to give him a hand where necessary, can help accelerate the founding process.


– Treaties level 22

– Sekhmet Temple level 22

– Hatshepsut Palace level 1

– Alchemy research reduces recruiting costs by 1% per level.

– Barter research increases loading capacity by 1% per level.

Training Costs Training Time Strenght Stamina Weakness Cargo Speed Rates
25.000.000 1 00:20:30 1 10 80% 5.000 300 96
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