Weekend Events

A special event is activated every weekend from
Friday (00:00:00) to Sunday (24:00:00) – 72h.

From 23.09.2021, added daily events in addition to already existing weekend events.
Such events will last 24 hours, and will be activated randomly from time to time some days of the week, excluding the weekends, as on weekends three-day “bigger” events will continue as before. Not every day may necessarily feature a daily event; when daily events come will be random, and will change from week to week.

  • Construction Time Reduced by 50%. (15% in daily)
  • Research Time Reduced by 50%. (15% in daily)
  • Recruitment Time Reduced by 50%. (15% in daily)
  • 50% Lapis Lazuli Drop Rate. Find more Lapis Lazuli pillaging nomad camps.
  • +100% Stamina Boost for Ra Warrior. +100% Strength Boost for Medjay.
  • +100% Stamina Boost for Hyksos Spearman. +100% Strength Boost for Hyksos Spearman. (daily only)
  • +100% Stamina Boost for Khopesh Soldier. +100% Strength Boost for Khopesh Soldier. (daily only)
  • +50% Stamina Boost for Charioteer. +50% Strength Boost for Medjay. (daily only)
  • Recover faster from battles. Healable unist skip the Imhotep Temple and come back healed after battles.
  • Travel Time Reduced by 100%. Grain Rations Reduced by 50%.
  • Free City Relocation. (The city can be moved as many times as you want. You have to wait about 12 hours between relocations.)
  • +15% / +25% Granite Production.
  • +15% / +25% Papyrus Production.
  • +15% / +25% Clay Production.
  • +50% Wheat Production (daily)
  • +50% Cargo Capacity.
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